P a n d o r a   &   P i e t e r

Pandora and I are really happy about it! We watched the trailer on repeat during our honeymoon! And then there was the highlight film. Fantastic! So emotional, so valuable.

We are two extremely happy people here in Leuven!

A big thank you!

A N N E T T E   &   A L E X

At that first meeting at our home it soon became clear that there was a good click and afterwards we only realized how important this click is. In addition, we found the peace and power that they bring forward something special. The communication went smoothly and the tips they gave us in the run-up to our wedding were priceless. On the day itself came forward once again how professionally they cooperate with each other (also with the other suppliers) to get the best film .

A N N - S O P H I E   &   A N T H O N Y

I remember the first time I came to your site and was completely overwhelmed by your videos! Every new video was enjoyed again and again to view (even though I did not even know those people !!). I had and I would have you! The first conversation was also fun and cozy as if we had known you much longer! I am so fan of you! So sympathetic, professional, subtle ...! Also the after dinner movie at the party itself! All guests were overwhelmed! It was beautiful! You are the best !!!!

 M A R Y - A N N E   &   N A Z A R

I visited the website of Bruidbeeld and was in love with all images. It is such an incredibly beautiful way of recording, you can see that nothing has been put in scene and that only sincere beautiful moments are recorded. It was a relatively short day when I wanted to book a Wedding, so I hoped that BB was available anyway. When I received an e-mail with: 'We are available on your date', I literally jumped around the room out of joy.

D O R I E N   &   R O E L

Because in addition to the way in which you capture your moments in all their purity beautifully and your professional image, you are people with a warm and charismatic personality that made us feel very comfortable in your presence. You knew at first acquaintance with a few words to understand, asked the necessary critical questions and gave rightful feedback / suggestions about our planning from your experience. In Belgium we did not have that click with the videographers we met, but with you there was.

E V E L I E N   &   A N T H O N Y

A video of the Bride came along on my Facebook .. I left a few tears on which I visited their website and found many more videos and thus left more tears .. How they portray everything is an art. Beautiful little details in a smile, a movement, they know how to find it. After a first interview it turned out to be super sweet, friendly people. We are so glad that we have taken Carlos and Christa! Still super in the clouds!

R U B Y   &   L A R S

After having watched a hundred portfolios, there was suddenly BruidBeeld. The work appealed to us unwise, and when we also found a super click with Carlos & team, we did not have to think twice. And then that moment of receiving THE movie.

The movement, emotions, looks, details ... We were withdrawn for a moment on our pink cloud of September 15th. Touched intensely by the beautiful images on the beautiful music, through which the tears ran down my cheeks. It is not a film, but a work of art. Very grateful for this memory!

G A M Z E   &   S T E V E N

My girlfriend showed us pictures of a wedding she had been to. When we had seen the film, we did not want to see anything else. It was as if we were present during their wedding, so real and so intense.

I admire how bride's image captures love without being posed. These are emotions that you can always recall.