• L E I L A   &   R I C H A R D // E r m e l o ,   t h e   N e t h e r l a n d s
  • It all happened that day at Het Roode Koper, a beautiful location in the even more beautiful surroundings of the Veluwe. Leila & Richard had put the work into the hands of Anouk of Beau Mariage, and that was a great choice. With a charming smile Anouk arranged the things that needed to be arranged, for the bride and groom, for the guests, and for us. Also the issues that Anouk had no influence on, like the weather, seemed to listen to her. Right after the yes-word, accompanied by Marian, when Leila & Richard went hand in hand, radiant with happiness, the dark clouds began to break. On the tent, while guests congratulated the beautiful wedding couple, the rain driped softly and pleasantly. When it was time for the group photos the sun was shining again. The dinner was characterized by many personal speeches, beautiful words, fun moments, and lots of fun. The party sounded energetic, there was a lot of dancing. Korstom, a day full of top suppliers, wonderful moments, and a great wedding couple!

Y O U   A L S O  M I G H T   L I K E   T H E S E   F I L M S