• K A T E L I J N E   &   J U L I E N // A n t w e r p e n,   B e l g i u m
  • That we often and gladly work in Belgium, I think that is clear. But days like this reinforce that feeling to the max. Take an international group, faithful in the Saint Charles Borromeo Church, drink some champagne on the intimate little square at the church and then go to the Zoo of Antwerp to party there and the guests to treat you to a night walk through the Zoo. Mix this with an awesome collaboration with Yves Schepers and our favorite planner Kirsten from La Sensa and a top movie is in the making!

    "You guys are awesome ! You’ve no idea how many times I’ve watched it... and it hits me every time. Thank you so much, you rock!" Aldus de bruid!

Y O U   A L S O  M I G H T   L I K E   T H E S E   F I L M S